Thursday, April 25, 2013

Gardening With 4 Feet of Snow in my Yard

There's still 4 feet of snow in my yard. We won't be driving home for at least another month and the aspens aren't even close to blooming. It may still be winter here, but it's spring everywhere else, and I have a strong desire to be planting, tending and working in the yard. Since that isn't possible, I filled that urge with some small indoor plantings. I have a small obsession with terrariums and while I don't have a particularly green thumb, I certainly wish I did. Maybe if I keep practicing, I'll develop a green thumb.

I am incredibly jealous of those people who just understand plants, who know the perfect amount to water them, understand their need for sun and can by some crazy magic, will a plan to grow just by talking with them. Gardening is not a talent I have and living in snow for 6+ months out of the year is not a conducive environment to nurture that interest.

So the best I can do is plant little mini gardens with succulents and pray to the plant gods that I can keep them alive. My husband just shakes his head in dismay when I bring home new plants, wondering when I'll kill the next one. But when you live in snow for so long, it's nice to have a little bit of something living to remind you that it will soon melt, it will soon be summer and it will soon be warm.