Wednesday, October 24, 2012

DIY Knitted Boot Cuff Roundup

Knit Topper Boot Pattern by Made and Do Girl
Whether you call them boot toppers, boot cuffs or even boot candy, whatever they are - they're cute. It's snowing today, and I'm pulling out my boots in preparation for the next 6 months of winter. I'm thinking a fun pair of boot toppers will help relieve the doldrums of wearing boots for so long. And then they can double as ankle warmers for those of use who hate socks. There are a ton of DIY knit and crochet patterns out there. Now, which ones should I make?

Cable boot cuff knitting pattern by Addiesma Designs on Etsy. ($4.00)

Annie Boot Cuff by BlueDogWoolies on Etsy ($2.50)

Boho Knits Boot Topper by bysol on Etsy ($5.00)

Knit Boot Topper Pattern by Make and Do Girl (Free)

Boot Candy Knitting Pattern by Sara Gresbach on Ravelry ($2.50)

Sexy Boot Topper Knitting Pattern by The Blue Brick ($4.50) 

Reclaimed Sweater Boot Socks Tutorial by My Covered Bridge (Free)

Too Cute Boot Cuffs Crochet Pattern by Polkadot Squirrel on Etsy ($4.50)

Stripped Knitted Boot Topper Tutorial by Sharsum's Kniche (Free)