Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Flora Grubb Gardens Tour

While on our trip out to the Bay Area last month, we made a stop to the green gardening mecca of Flora Grubb Gardens. I have long admired Flora Grubb's living decor, her vertical gardens, and use of succulents. Any time I see a project that Flora has been involved in, I know it's an excellent project. So we spent about 2 hours wandering her garden center in San Francisco soaking up the plant goodness and getting ideas for our own house and garden. Click on to see some of my favorite things.

Flora Grubb Gardens features an abundance of gorgeous plants, landscaping and indoor decor ideas.

Awesome curved concrete loungers that could go practically anywhere.

Take one broken down car, fill it with dirt and plants and you have a funky installation for your yard.

An old bike with a basket also makes for a super fun new planter.

Recycled steel welded into a flower shape planter.

Love these bright poppy planters. Wish I could have brought some home with me.

An old table gets a new life with a planter inserted in the middle.

Air plants, moss and twigs ready to be made into Aeriums.

Wall mounted globe aeriums.

Vertical garden full of air plants.

A beautiful display of air plants in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

Air plants can also be grouped into large clusters and hung. In the background is the gourmet coffee shop so you can caffeinate while you shop.

We loved this hand poured concrete table set on a large wedge of wood. We could definitely make this ourselves.

Concrete planters and a beautiful succulent arrangement.

I also wrote up an article on Inhabitat about some other awesome ideas we picked up from the gardening center.