Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Korg 3.0 Movement & The Push: A South Pole Adventure

Image courtesy of the High Fives Foundation
Right now, one of my dearest friends is skiing to the South Pole in Antarctica. Grant Korgan is an amazingly positive person with a heart the size of Texas and the drive to do anything he could ever dream up. Cross country skiing to the South Pole is a huge and monumental, cold task in itself. To make it even more amazing, Grant doesn't have any feeling below his knees due to a devastating spinal cord injury in 2010. He's going to be the first adaptive skier to ever ski to the South Pole.

I've been following along at the edge of my seat with the satellite phone calls to the entire team while on their journey. His inspiring mission is not just to do something incredible, but also to help raise money for spinal cord injuries through their project - The Push: A South Pole Adventure. He's out there on the ice with his team giving it his all to get there and my thoughts go to him constantly. I wrote a poem to help him on his path.

Stoke Your Soul (for Grant during his South Pole Push)

It must be numbing – the vastness, the whiteness, your consciousness
on that wide-open block of southern ice,
but fire up your heart and stoke your soul.

Far from the arms that stretch around you,
I send the strength of my heart
across mountains, plains, beaches and oceans
to warm your soul, power your arms, and push you forward.

Both day and night my thoughts turn to you,
and in my dreams I join you on your icy adventure.

I steal your cold, your chill, and your pain 
so all you feel is warmth, joy and love.

Though your compass may grow confused
never doubt your path or your dreams,
for your heart knows the way.

Though the miles may separate us
we are forever connected and I slide beside you,
pulling your load, urging you onwards and towards your goal.

Forget your sore muscles, don’t mind the wind and ignore the cold.
Stoke your soul and light the fire within.