Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Incredible Miniature Matchbook Art of Jason D'Aquino

50 ft Woman and Typewriter 2 | Image ©Lori Zimmer at Art Basel Miami

This past week was the wild and crazy Art Basel in Miami and a fellow writer at Inhabitat and art aficionado Lori Zimmer headed down to check out the art and the people. Based on some of her status updates throughout the week - it sounded like a pretty damn good time. Oh and she saw some cool art too. Especially the works of Jason D'Aquino who is a miniaturist that works on found material. My favorite are his matchbooks that feature intricate drawings of vintage-pop icons. Don't you just wish you could have a whole wall full of them?

Buffalo Bill
The teeny, tiny pencil drawings on the matchbooks recall past times and often take inspiration from the matchbook itself. Whether referencing vintage movies, objects or fictional characters, the mini art works are fascinating. It's as though you came upon the work of a day dreamer who doodles at the bar. Maybe that's exactly where D'Aquino does his best work - who knows. But apparently all of his work completely sold out from The Shop’s booth at the Scope Art Fair

Young Frankenstein
In his own words: 'D'Aquino chooses to work on found surfaces such as strike-on-front matchbooks, 18th century animal-skin vellum, and antique ledger pages. His search for these found "canvases" has led him to strange corners of the world and to some unique treasures. He recently unearthed a hand-quilled, illustrated whaling manuscript from St. Petersburg, Russia, which made its way to Christies Auction House in New York City."

Surf & Turf

[Jason D'Aquino]
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