Sunday, November 27, 2011

Wondertivity Experiment: Milk Paint & Encaustic

My first Wondertivity Experiment will be to test out Milk Paint and see how it can be used in conjunction with beeswax and encaustic medium. Many of my paintings to date have been made using oil paints, but I am worried about the mix of the two together. I would also really like to find a non-toxic medium to make my studio healthier and my art more environmentally friendly. My hypothesis is that milk paint has the basic qualities I want in a paint, and is porous enough to mix well with the encaustic medium to create a safe, healthy, and long-lasting work of art. To that end, my goal this week is to play around with the samples of Milk Paint I recently bought, use them with wax, melt it, carve it and try to find the limits of the two mediums together. See my results this Friday!