Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Wondertivity Experiment

In an attempt to expand my horizons, develop my creativity and explore new things, I'm starting a new project. The Wondertivity Experiment is a concept I came up with to give myself the freedom to try new things and be creative. Each week I will take on a new project, task or experiment and report on my results. One week I might test out a new medium, another I may assign myself to write a short story, make a video, cook a fancy dish, take a series of photographs, sew curtains, or even build a snow sculpture. The sky is the limit and the point is to do something new and outside of the box I normally work in every day. I'll be writing about it here on this blog, but really, it will be more like playing than extra work. Through play, I hope to develop new skills as an artist and expand on what I already know. It should be an interesting experiment.

Image ©Shawna Moore