Friday, September 16, 2011

How to Steal Like an Artist & Other Inspirations

I'm sorta in between projects. Long story short - I was kinda bored earlier this week. How, might you ask, could I be bored? Especially where I live, with all the fun things to do, my studio, etc. I don't handle not being busy well, so when the schedule frees up too much, I go a bit bonkers. And then I start scheming up my next project. My other problem, was small deficit of inspiration. I started to fix that issue yesterday with a plein air session on Old Ranch Road. Then this morning, I found this blog post - How to Steal Like an Artist. Very wise words.

Austin Kleon is an artist of many varied talents - drawer, writer, speaker. It's inspirational stuff, so much so that he has given Ted Talk, which in my opinion is the equivalent of "making it". (If you get on The Daily Show or you give a Ted Talk, in my mind, you're successful.) Anyways, the gist is that art is about doing good work, putting it out there, living the life you want and not stressing the rest of it. His 10 tips on how to be a good artist have given me the extra little push I needed to get started again. So thanks Austin.

Even before I read his blog post this morning though, I made an effort to get out of the rut. I had no idea what I wanted to paint, or what I "should" have been doing, so I decided to just go somewhere different and paint. Although it was threatening rain all day, I loaded up the Coop and my plein air bag and drove down to Old Ranch Road in Park City. There, I found a lovely little field that had just been cut and was waiting to be made into bales. The mountains in the background were blue with some exceptional shadows from the quickly moving clouds overhead. It also didn't hurt that there was a darling John Deere tractor down at the end begging to be included in the painting. Although the painting on the canvas doesn't quite match up to the one in my head, it was a good afternoon well spent. And today, I'll do some more of the same.

[Austin Kleon]