Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sea Glass Sculptures by Jonathan Fuller

No12, Sea Glass & Wood, 450mm X 450mm

Finding beautifully polished sea glass for me is a treasure. Yet, what that means is that trash has made its way to the beach and sat there long enough for the ocean to transform it into something beautiful. In a way it just shows how powerful the ocean is and that it can turn waste into a thing of beauty. UK artist Jonathan Fuller has something similar in mind with his Sea Glass Sculptures, which are beautiful geometric sculptures showing a gradient in natural glass colors. While it may have began as trash, the ocean patiently created it anew and Fuller organized it into patterns.

No18, Sea Glass & Wood, 555mm X 555mm

Fuller, who lives in Cornwall, scours the beaches combing for sea glass. The hobby, which he says is "addictive" is becoming more challenging as other beachcombers find sea glass and as many glass products are being replaced with plastics. Most of the time Fuller finds green, brown and clear pieces, which end up as a pale jade, gray/brown and white. Ambers, blues and reds are very rare indeed.

No16, Sea Glass & Wood, 450mm X 450mm

In the Artist's words: "His wall sculptures are assembled from salvaged pieces of sea glass, which are then carefully constructed into deceptively simple shapes. His colour graduations are subtle and beautiful; whilst the clever placement of these small frosted shards convey a sense of movement that mirrors the sea. The resultant artworks possess a quality that is strong, pure and elemental."

No11, Sea Glass & Wood, 660mm X 230mm
No22, Sea Glass & Wood, 450mm X 450mm

[Jonathan Fuller]
{via Green Muze}