Saturday, March 5, 2011

Wiped Out After Remodel Marathon!

IotD 3.3.11

Phew! Thank goodness that's done. Seriously, I'm wiped out. After a 20 day marathon of repair, building, painting, cleaning and finalizing details, we remodeled a house. We even got our renters in and pray that they treat it as nicely as they promised they would. Both Matt and I feel a huge sense of accomplishment that we did it and now we are looking forward to a nice rest for a month before tackling the Casita.

A few things we learned from this remodeling adventure.

1. Always test your paint sample under fluorescent lights at night. It doesn't look the same during the day.

2. Don't bother cleaning until the end.

3. Appliance repair places are an awesome way to get good cheap appliances. They even come with at least a 30 day warranty, which is far more than you would get buying an appliance off someone on craigslist.

4. Recycling certainly isn't the easiest thing to do during a remodel, but if you set yourself up a system just like your normal home recycling, it becomes much easier.

5. Don't throw out any scrap metal. Save all the scrap metal (paint cans, odd metal bits and especially copper wire) and sell it to a scrap metal recycler. We made $80 off all of our scrap and treated ourselves to dinner.

6. You will find leaks, you will meet some big bugs, and you will have to spend an hour scrubbing the gunk off the stove. Roll with it - it'll be beautiful when you finish.

Naturally we had help from some great contractors who really put some time into it. We'd like to thank our roofer Chuck, Tim and Chyrrel at Advanced Air, the electrician and plumber (who I never met) and our contractor Quinn Denning.