Sunday, February 20, 2011

Let The Remodel Begin! The Story Of A Desert Casita

We bought a home. To be specific, we bought 2 homes on a single lot in the heart of St. George, UT. Our plans are to rent one out and keep the other for ourselves. We're selfish like that. You would be too if you saw the garden in the back, the twelve pomegranate trees and the rustic shacks with the adorable turtle faucet on the sink. That's really why I fell in love with the place and it was only natural that it was the first house we looked at. There are big plans for it and both homes need seem love and a lot of work. It's a good thing we don't mind hard work.

And so the remodel begins on our 1940's adobe homes that will become our refuge during the shoulder and mud season in Park City, which I find so unpleasant. Don't get me wrong, Park City is a little slice of heaven and the summers and winters are both sublime. But waiting for the snow to melt in the spring and for it to finally arrive in the winter can be a bit trying. Luckily our schedules afford that type of traipsing about from one house to another. Call us spoiled - we'll admit it.

First up is to fix the problems in the "big house" (by big I mean 1,800 sq ft). Let's see - it needs a new roof, updated electrical, duct work that actually works, leaks fixed, mold mitigated, tiles fixed, lighting and doors added.... It's a funky house to say the least and whoever rents it will need an open mind about some of the creative additions that have been added in the last 70 years. I totally dig it though. If you could see the built in cabinetry, the sunny living room and the beautiful vintage stove in the kitchen, you'd be right there with me. Much of the work on the "big house" is being taken care of by the professionals. We do your basic fixes, painting, tiling, repairs and some cabinetry, but no HVAC,  sheet rocking or electrical work for us.

The Big House remodel isn't anything special though - it already has plenty of charm on its own, and besides we won't be living there anyhow. The Casita, however, is our new baby and we can't wait to make it the ultimate base camp for our desert adventures and dream vacation house. The two bedroom little home needs more than a little love though, it needs a overhaul. It will be a beautiful marriage of our styles, chic, rustic, airy and completely sans clutter.

This brings up the question though. What exactly is "our style"? The hubbie keeps saying "rustic mission". He's into rough cut wood, white walls, wood floors, timber beams and organic touches. I like all those things as well, but want to throw a bit of chic, country, vintage, and antique with a dash of modern clean lines. I want vintage furniture, varying textures, splashes of color without being colorful, and pieces of nature that help draw everything together. What do you call that? Vintage Eclectic? Mission Chic? Desert Chic? Vintage-Eclectic-Mission-Chic?

I don't know. Interior design is not quite my forte, although I know what I like when I see it. Check out my Pinterest Board - Desert Casita Decor - for ideas I think could work in the new space. All I can say though is I'm so incredibly thrilled to have a garden and straight walls. Finally, I can buy art.