Friday, September 24, 2010

Exercise Art by Joseph Griffiths

Drawing Machine #1
You loved spin art as a kid, now here's a more eco take on the look of centrifugal art. Drawing Machine #1 is by artist Joseph Griffiths, whose works seek to find a connection between man and the machine. This old exercise bike was rigged with permanent markers and armature to move in response to the artist spinning on the bike. It's a beautiful mix of colors and abstraction - plus, you get your exercise too! More pics after the jump.

Griffiths, originally from Melbourne, now lives and works in Paris, whose main artistic medium is pencil and paper. Drawing Machine #1 is a complete departure of of most of his works, but quite possibly could be his best.

Not only do I love the concept of human-power used for large scale artwork, but there's something beautiful about the movements that he makes translated onto paper - whether its his speed that he spins the wheels or the movement of his arms.

In his own words: "My interactive drawing machines propose a return to primitive technologies and encourage a reconnection to the natural and man-made worlds through manual crafts. Directly engaging the audience in the creative cycle, my work seeks to reevaluate the human position in the technological equation, and realize the potential for art to permeate everyday life."

[Joseph L Griffiths]
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