Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Erik Otto Headed to SF Recology AIR

Moment of Victory, 2009

The SF Recology AIR is one of my favorite artist in residency programs out there - in fact I aspire to it, but I need to work some more found materials into my work. Just using scrap wood for my panels isn't quite enough yet. But Erik Otto, a talented painter who uses recycled paint and scrap wood in his works, is headed to the SF program this for a residency. His paintings are a big magical - Beattle's Yellow Submarine meets Wizard of Oz meets graffiti art, and his repetitive use of a cute little pointy roof house is incredibly eye catching.

Haven, 2010

Can't wait to see what Erik comes up with while at the SF Dump. Likely he'll continue his use of recycled paints and scrap wood along with the little house motif, but the Dump has got to be full of some amazing and inspiring stuff.

Life Cycles, 2010

In his own words: "I consider myself a process artist and it is often during the act of scavenging for materials that I meditate and develop the concepts for the work I am about to create. I often leave the initial stages of my work open and uncertain while intuitively working out a resolution that will decide its final outcome based on the suggestive qualities of the medium and materials at hand."

Never Forget, 2010

"Through my artwork and installations, I am visually narrating a beautiful dream battled by an undercurrent of destruction. My goal is to take the viewer to a place where chaos meets peace and loose meets refinement while depicting the struggle to connect the awakened state to the desires found within. Pulling from a repeating theme of symbolic imagery, the intent of my work is to create an honest reminder to pursue a life of significance and live out our dreams."

Moment of Perseverance, 2009

Moment of Reflection, 2009

[Erik Otto | Erik Otto Blog]