Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Validation is Sweet

A Family of Trees Before the Thaw, 2010

I've wanted to be an artist since high school. I took a round about way of getting here, but I'm here - I'm artist, I create, I love it and I just so happen to get paid to do so. This last week was a blissful blur, besides spending time with my inspirational teacher Daniella, and feeling as though I were overflowing with ideas, I had some success in the gallery. Turns out all of my paintings sold at Gallery Mar over the weekend! I am validated and it is such an amazing feeling.

A Family of Trees in Spring Fog, 2010

After my 6 paintings sold over a very busy art, wine and food infused weekend, the gallery wanted more of my work. So I spent two days finishing some old work and creating some new pieces and on Monday took 7 new paintings in to be put on display. So not only did I sell they asked for more and I was happy to oblige. I'm on Cloud 9, what can I say.  And next month I'll be in another show under the theme of bees alongside some other talented encaustic artists. Check out the full collection on my Flickr page, plus more to come!