Friday, July 2, 2010

Encaustic With A Textile Sensibility

Yesterday I had lunch with my encaustic teacher and guru, Daniella Woolf. She's in Park City right now to teach an encaustic workshop at Spiro Arts, which is where I had the pleasure of learning from her last year. Daniella recently put out a DVD and a book, Encaustic With A Textile Sensibility, on encaustic works and textiles, which is her specialty. I flipped through her beautiful book yesterday over divine Mexican food in Midway (Tarahumara), and was immediately inspired and itching to be in my studio. If you're an encaustic painter, this book is a must have for your collection.

Lonely (detail), 2007
Last year, when I took Daniella's workshop, my life changed, seriously. When I found encaustic painting, it was like I found my way home - I love exploring with the wax so much and have so many ideas to explore and techniques to try. It's a whole new world this encaustic painting and I think there's so much that can be done with it.

Spinetale, 2005

Daniella is first of all a superb artist, who combines textiles, paper and wax. Her installations and works are a collage of her life and thoughts preserved with wax, but lately she's been focusing on teaching and sharing. And her new DVD and book explore techniques and other amazing encaustic artists. You can buy her book and DVD directly off her website.

 Modern Tape, 2006

I was very proud to have Daniella come up to our house and check out my studio along with some of my latest works. She'll also be attending my opening at Gallery Mar tomorrow from 3-5, where my newest series - Tree Family Portraits will debut. Couldn't have asked for betting timing than to have my teacher in town for my opening. Thanks Daniella for all the inspiration and encouragement!

[Daniella Woolf | Encausticopolis Blog]

+ Buy the Book and DVD Here!