Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Stackable Sculptures by Michael Johansson

Dagar och Namn (Days and Names), 2010

Yesterday, while writing for Inhabitat, I came across the work of Michael Johansson and his newest installation, Self Contained, which is a huge temporary wall made out of shipping containers, a volvo, a tractor, pallets and more. His stacking sculptures like three dimensional collages, each side it's own vignette of color and texture. I would love to see one in person and have the time to explore each side.

Platsspecifikt (Particularly placed/Placed particularly), 2007

Michael is a mixed media artist who lives and works in Malmö and has a lovely penchant for flea markets and coincidences. His sculptures from this last year have been organized and tidy cubes of repurposed, vintage and old stuff - suitcases, clocks, boxes, cabinets, crates, coolers and probably even kitchen sinks. He arranges items according to color as well as a tight fit and probably spent hours deliberating over how to fit everything in. Like a stonemason, Michael makes each piece fit perfectly like a puzzle.

Fyrahundra nyanser av brunt II (Four Hundred Shades of Brown II), 2010

While he has a strong love for flea markets and finding exact doubles of items, he is also fascinated by coincidences. He explains this best - "I am intrigued by irregularities in daily life. Not those that appear when something extraordinary occurs, but those that are created by an exaggerated form of regularity. Colours or patterns from two separate objects or environments concur, like when two people pass each other dressed in the exact same outfit. Or when you are switching channels on your TV and realize that the same actor is playing two different roles on two different channels at the same time. Or that one day the parking lot contained only red cars. These irregularities, these coincidences, are another focus of my artwork."

Rubiks Kök (Rubik's Kitchen), 2007

Tetris - FACT Liverpool, 2009

[Michael Johansson]