Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Reclaimed Mattress Springs Transformed Into Furnishings

Discarded mattresses on the streets of New York City find a new life in these fantastic wall hangings, lights, room dividers and furniture by Susan Woods. The Spring Line is an artistic recycling project that is part of her work as head of Aswoon™/Susan Woods Studio. The graphic nature and patterns of the springs are really compelling and make you want to tear into your own mattress and get to work.

The springs old purpose was to support and comfort the sleeper, but now the springs and other mattress parts and metal furniture get a new life as architectural partitions, wall decorations as well as artistic-aesthetic embellishments, and they look awesome.

From the designer: Green Design, ironically, is not only a purpose in itself. It is a de facto strategy of and for survival. Combining it with a new approach to fine arts may make it feasible not only for commercial purposes, but also for those in artistic and creative environments. By thinking green when thinking design, we approach a different kind of human integration into the world, which in itself is a creative and artistic entity.

Susan is a designer who typically creates one-of-a-kind pieces from wood or metal for various clients. She has a studio and fabrication shop located in the Brooklyn Navy Yards.


[Aswoon™/Susan Woods Studio]
photo credits:  ©Aswoon™/Susan Woods Studio, LLC.