Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Works At Gallery Mar Over 4th of July Weekend

"Family of Trees on Gray in the Snow"
Very excited to say that I will have six paintings at Gallery Mar on Main Street in Park City, starting this Saturday, July 3rd. My latest work is part of the 2nd Annual "Local Fireworks" Exhibition and I will be hanging alongside of some incredibly talented artists. I feel a little humbled in fact, but still it's an amazing feeling to know that your work is going into a gallery where hundreds of people will see it.

Maren Bergen, owner of Gallery Mar, came up to visit my studio on Sunday night to check out my newest work and then go for a hike in the 'hood. It was a splendid evening and I loved sharing my world with her. The temperature was perfect, the lighting was just right and the hike was even punctuated with my first deer sighting of the summer.

"Family of Trees on Green in the Water"
My newest series of works, "Family of Trees", are encaustic paintings with abstract and textured backgrounds and charcoal drawing transfers of tree families. Each painting features a grouping of three trees that I imagine as families, all a little bit different, but with similarities, just like our own families. We may live in a grove together and create a forest, but we each have our own separate identities. Four of the paintings were created together and reflect the changing seasons and the environment that I often experience walking around in my woods - snow, fog, streams, sunlight, green hills. My surroundings in an abstracted form. I really enjoyed doing this series and hope to expand it into more (depending on the success of the show this next week!)

 "Family of Trees on Yellow in the Sun"

If you're around in Park City this weekend, please join me at the opening reception at Gallery Mar from 3-5 pm. Otherwise the paintings will be on display for a little while longer. You can get a glimpse of my current works on my Flickr Set and there are also a few for sale on my Etsy Shop.

Thank you also to Maren, who wrote a wonderful post about her visit to see the Meinhold Compound and my shipping container studio. And many thanks for including me in your show this week.

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