Monday, June 7, 2010

Help the Bees - Give Them a Home!

This spring as I explored the topics and ideas I wanted to work with in my painting, I thought of bees, for so many reasons. My encaustic paint is sourced mainly from beeswax, and without bees, I have no medium. And then there's the whole dwindling bee population issue and Bee Colony Collapse Disorder, which seems to me a great example of the pollution and use of technology is affecting the environment and animals, not to mention what it could potentially do to us as humans. Now, a new study has come out revealing that cell phones may be one of the culprits to their collapse.  But, now that it's spring (summer for most of you), it's a great time to help the bees to encourage pollination and rebuilding their colonies. One way is to build a bee home to give solitary bees (different than a bumblebee) a safe place to rest. After the jump is a round up of different DIY bee home projects.

Yes Mag - Mason Bee Home

Gardeners World  - Bee Hotel

Global Bee Project - Make a Bee House

Gardens for Wildlife - Make a House for Solitary Bees

Ranger Rick - Bee Condo (great instructions for kids)

Instructables - Happy Home for Mason Bees

Dry Ideas - Solitary Bee House

Martha Stewart - Bamboo Bee House

While the DIY from Yes Mag seems super easy and doable, I really like the look of the Bee Hotel from gardener's world and think it would look great in the yard. Not sure which one I want to do yet, but I definitely want to make a bee house. Another alternative is to buy one like these from Andrew's Reclaimed on Etsy.

lead photo credit: BBC Gardener's World