Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Abstracts by Federico Uribe

Abstract #15 (2009) Corner - Books

Federico Uribe, a Columbian artest who actually works in Miami, is known for his paintings and installations using various materials, but I'm most fascinated by his Abstracts - abstract sculptures created using repurposed industrial objects. He takes materials like pennies, pencils, books, safety pins, vinyl records, dominoes and more, and combines them into spherical sculptures based on repetition. The patterns that emerge are jaw dropping and the patience he must have to create such spellbinding objects is unreal.

Abstract #8 (2009) Buddha - Pennies

Obviously repurposing pennies and the vinyl records are clearly recycled art, although there's not exact telling about the other sculptures. Regardless though, they serve as excellent fodder for the imagination.

Abstract #16 (2009) - Books

Abstract #19 (2009) Kiss - Dominoes

Abstract #9 (2009) Sound - Vinyl Records and CDs

Abstract #10 (2009) - Safety Pins

Abstract #3 (2009) - Colored Pencils

[Ferderico Uribe]
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