Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Recycled Magazine Stumps by Daniele Papuli

If you look quick, you'd think these were tree stumps, but on closer inspection, you find that they are made up of tightly bound magazines. Arranged in radial spirals, each magazine acts like a new year and time, which is measured in millimeters, expands. Magazines, which began their lives in the form of stored carbon in trees, make a symbolic return to their roots. Daniele Pupuli, a fiber artist and sculptor, made these stools/stumps called, Cartodendri Seating, which displayed at Dilmos Gallery during Milan's Design Week last month.

Papuli took old magazines and formed them into tightly bound stumps, forming what looks like tree rings on the cut side and a slightly variagated bark-like texture on the sides. With this many magazines bound together, the stools are fully functional.

No idea how he gets them to stick together. I can only assume the black tar-like rim is some form of petroleum product though, but still, the effect is quite interesting.

I'd love to make something like this for a side table. Are those giant magazines or what? Do you think vintage LIFE magazines would work?

[Daniele Pupuli]
{via MocoLoco}