Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Inspiration of the Day

5.19.10 IotD, originally uploaded by etté studios.
About a month ago, I started a new project - Inspiration of the Day. I only mention it now because I had to see how it would go first before letting others know about it. There are some days when things come easy, life is sunny and everything seems just perfect. Naturally there are also dark days where it just seems to pour. And then there are days in between where nothing notable happens and you just seem to pass on through. But every single day has its charms and it's good to make note of those moments of beauty, oddity, hilarity and inspiration. In part, I started this project to be a little more reflective of the day and to make sure I appreciated at least one thing in passing. Sometimes it's an activity, a beautiful site, gorgeous food or a funny thing. Since I started this, I've found that many days have more than one amazing thing and it makes each day feel like an adventure.

And then there are some days when I'm home all day looking at all the same things in my house and I have to look a bit harder for something to appreciate. I learn more on the days where I have to search for my picture than on the days when cool stuff jumps in front of me. That must be a metaphor for life or something. Here are a few of my favorite Inspirations of the Day.

4.17.10 Inspiration of the Day: red rocks, hiking in the blooming desert, and my favorite place off in the distance. 

4.18.10 Inspiration of the Day: Claret Cup cactus, a Utah native, in bloom.
4.30.10 Inspiration of the Day: A foot and a half of snow + howling wind creates snow drifts that look like mountain ranges. 

5.4.10 Inspiration of the Day: Encaustic paint on a hot skillet.

5.17.10 Inspiration of the Day: Time, measured in millimeters.

All photos were taken with my Droid Eris HTC with the FXCamera App.

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