Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Iceland Photography by Stuart Hall

I think digital photography may be one of the "greenest" forms of art (feel free to agree or disagree). You can produce thousands of pieces of work and the only impact is the energy use required to store all the photos on a computer. So, that's why I count photography as eco-art and even more so when it deals with environmental topic like the Iceland Series by Stuart Hall. Aerial photography is a new found love of mine and his striking images of the Iceland coastline are exceedingly beautiful. It also happens to be fairly timely what with the recent explosions.

Look at those colors! Hall does a spectacular job of capturing the brilliant colors and organic form of the coast and the water. Seriously, I'm blown away by these images.

And the yellow?! What in nature produces that brilliant saturated color? It also makes you curious about the land and geography of Iceland - an incredible juxtaposition of fire and ice.

I want to own this specific picture above. And what is it exactly, water meeting the coast, or is it two different types of water? Is there a mineral there?

[Stuart Hall Photo represented by Bernstein & Andruilli]