Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Growing Gardens From Recycled Materials

Karrie Hovey grows gardens, not from seeds and soil, but from discarded materials - our leftovers. She recreates natural inspired landscapes with plastic, cardboard, paper, and display material that retailers have had their way with. And the result is intricate and detailed gardens full of delicate flowers, twisting vines, sturdy trees, and leafy canopies. Her work doesn't seem like it's made from trash and it certainly doesn't look trashy like some recycled art does. She's created fantastic worlds in her most recent installations ...the Garden Grows, which includes a garden, a forest, bamboo grove and vines.

...the Garden Grows is constructed from the bi-products of our buy-product disposable society, and last season's displays from brands we recognize and covet are reused in Karrie's gardens. Karrie's art is an exploration of how our want of "things" and need to have the latest has removed us from the natural cycle of the world and replaced it with a cycle of consumption and waste.

The Garden is made from cardboard, tissue paper, plastics, and other various display materials.

Bamboo, meanwhile is made from shipping tubes that are pieced together into long sections. The rest is tissue paper that Karrie gathers, along with glue and acrylic house paint that she finds on the "oops" shelf.

Karrie is currently finishing up her month long residency at Spiro Arts in Park City, UT. If you're nearby, on Friday the 28th starting at 6 pm, there will be an Open Studio for Karrie as well as two other visual artists and a poet who have been concentrating hard this last month on their artistry. Karrie will have on display her most recent flower and vine installation made from recycled plastic garbage bags as well as some experimental work.

[Karrie Hovey]