Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Washed Up: Marine Trash Reborn As Art


Deb Ris lives in Venice Beach, CA and has been running on the beach for the last 12 years since she moved there from Australia. When she runs, she also picks up trash, some of which she keeps. After 12 years of running on the beach and picking up trash on the beach she's amassed an interesting collection. Now she's taking that trash and turning into art in a slightly cynical/ironic way making the obvious connection between our trash and what we're doing to our oceans. It's trash art, which I don't typically like, but Deb Ris (is that her real name?) is making a good point, and some of it's kinda cool.

Ball Gown

About Deb Ris work: Just over 2 years ago Deb was inspired to make objects of art using what she had been collecting. She uses creativity, a little humor and irony to show that the waste we create comes back to haunt us. In some of the pieces, Deb recreates what resembles a natural environment or object, but instead it is created entirely out of washed up trash. She encourages the user to question the use of single use items, and consider ways to reduce waste so it does not end up in our oceans and landfills.

Water Balloons

Housing Crisis

[Deb Ris]
photo credits: ©WashedUp