Friday, April 30, 2010

Reversed Volumes: Bowls Made From Veggies

I'm a little obsessed with veggies lately, especially since we started a new CSA program through Liberty Heights Fresh in SLC. (Can't wait to eat the purple potatoes, spring onions, chard, fava beans, sausage and chevre!!) So these bowls spoke to me. The ceramic bowls are created by using vegetables as the mold and colored to resemble the color of the vegetable. Long lasting, beautiful and inspired by nature. You could easily make a whole series of these.

Vienna, Austria based designer Micher Traxler designed and made these bowls, which were recently show at the Milan Design Fair. The ceramic was formed between a bowl shaped mold and the vegetable, and after the ceramic hardens and the vegetable is taken away, the imprint of its skin and shape remain.

As they are food safe, they would be a wonderful addition to your china or dishes. I especially love the orange and the cantaloupe. The Cauliflower is also quite beautiful, but maybe not as practical for food.

[Mischer Traxler]

{via Craftzine and Abitare}