Monday, April 5, 2010

Matchbook Notebooks

In case you have some extra cardstock, paper, or some other gorgeous printed material left over, you easily turn it into a a matchbook notebook with on simple line of sewing. Jan of Daisy Jane, creator of organic fabrics and a surface designer, came up with this cute little project to use up some leftover calendars. I'm not exactly sure yet what exact purpose I would have for these little notebooks, but they are adorable and look super easy.

What You Need
  • Piece of cardstock / coverstock for the outside
  • 2 or 3 sheets of paper
  • Sewing machine or needle and; thread
Step By Step
Jan gives super exact measurements as to how to create the ones she did. Basically though, you create them the size you want or it will be determined by how much of a scrap you have to work with.

1. Cut your cover, (cardstock, fabric, paper, etc), into a longish length (Jan suggests 9" long x about 3" wide). Cut the paper a little less than half the length of the cover (about 4 1/4' and same width as the cover).

2. Fold the cover on one end over about 3/4" wide. Then insert the paper into the crease.
3. Sew along the fold to connect the cover and the paper.

4. Fold the long end of the cover back over the paper and tuck into the outer edge which you just sewed.
5. When you want a piece of paper to come out, just tear it out. The sewing serves as a perferation of the paper, which should make it easier to pull out.

[via Daisy Jane]