Friday, April 2, 2010

Inspiration of the Day: Wine Crate Kichen Cabinets

Hate your cabinets, but don't have the money to get new ones? Maybe you could remake them - with WINE CRATES! Beautiful no? If you love wine anyways, this is perfect, and it should be no problem to get your hands on about 12 wine crates, (which is how many this project took). Some liquor or wine stores give them away for free or they might charge you a couple bucks, and the wood is fairly good quality plus the wine labels add so much character.

A Barcelona couple, designer and writer Petz Scholtus and structural engineer Sergio Carratala, have been hacking away for a few years on their 600 sq foot apartment to create a sustainable little abode. And if their kitchen is any indication of the rest of the house, I'm sold. They dubbed the house the "R3 Project" for reduce, reuse, recycle (plus respect and restore, which would make it the R5 Project, but hey, who's counting). As Scholtus says, “my vision of what a good home should be--sustainable, fun, and practical."

The couple had a stack of wine crates sitting in their house, so they put them to good use by hiring a carpenter to create this look with their kitchen cabinets. Scholtus also says, “Apart from the look of it, we like having memories embedded in our kitchen, as many of the bottles were either meaningful gifts or shared with friends.”

I've already got plans for my husband for wine crate projects, and I know where to get the crates for free! See more at ReadyMade for details on how you can recreate this.

[via ReadyMade]