Friday, April 23, 2010

Inspiration of the Day: Burlap Sack Chairs

A few months ago, I was at my local recycling center, and there in the back were three wonderful burlap sacks with printed coffee bean logos on them. Turns out they had come from our local coffee roaster who gets his coffee fair trade from Central and South America. I was coveted them and was able to take them home with me. At the time I had no serious plans for them - possibly bags, outdoor chair covers, I dunno, of course I still need a sewing machine in order to make any of those things... {WHAT kind of DIYer am I anyhow?!?! I don't even have a sewing machine..} Anyways, I saw this sweet recovered chair over at design*sponge this week. It's such a clever mix of vintage/antique with raw organic looking fabric. Love the effect. There's gotta be something I can use those burlap sacks for around here.

Audrey Marie from a lovely escape, rescued four worn out chairs, repainted them and then sourced this super cool printed burlap from etsy seller petite coterie, to remake these chairs. If you have a local coffee roaster nearby, they may be willing to give you their old bags for a small fee or maybe even for free!

And as to refinishing the chair, also check out design*sponge for this handy-dandy DIY burlap chair makeover.

The chair pre-makeover.

[via a lovely escape by way of design*sponge]