Friday, April 9, 2010

GIY Reclaimed Wood Table by Michelle Kaufmann

Leave it to the green goddess of prefab, Michelle Kaufmann, to tell us how to make our own table out of reclaimed hard wood. Wouldn't you love to have a dining room table like this one? On mK's site, she gives some good tips and ideas for how to get your very on reclaimed hard wood table. It's not exactly a DIY, but a way to source the items you need in order to create the table. And instead of a DIY, mK calls it a GIY - Green It Yourself.

1. Find a Frame - mK suggests getting a frame for the table by hunting around for an old one at your local thrift store, and if that doesn't work, she says to buy one from a company like Room + Board (Parsons type frame). Alternatively, maybe you know a welder friend who could make you something to fit your needs.

2. Find the Wood - This will likely be the tricky part, but mK suggests a number of options. Finding a recently fallen tree (on someone's property who will let you have it!) and then have it milled, find a local reclaimed wood center, or check out the Building Materials Reuse Association or Planet Reuse for local resources. You want a slab the size you want your table.

3. Bolt or Screw on the Slab - This part is fairly straightforward if you're the handy type, otherwise hire a carpenter.

[via Michelle Kaufmann Studio]