Friday, March 19, 2010

Susette Gertsch - 300 Paintings En Plein Air

#119 The Mountain Will Remember Us

On Wednesday as I was driving to town I met a painter on the side of the road painting a hill I often ski. Her name was Susette Gertsch and she has a goal - to paint 300 painting en plein air in one year. She also happens to be the president of the Midway Art Association, which is responsible for the annual Midway Plein Air Competition. She was on painting number #119 when I first saw her on my way to town and when I got back she was on #120. She perfectly captures the feeling of that beautiful afternoon with the warm sun melting away our snow.

#120 Guardsman's Pass

Susette says, she hadn't even heard of Julie and Julia when she started her 300 paintings project, but is really enjoying the process and the reason to paint so much. Whenever she goes on location to paint, people always come by to say hello and watch her paint. As a result, she includes them in the painting and lets them throw a few brushstrokes on, saying "Don't worry you can't possible mess it up! Just throw some paint on." I love that attitude - don't worry, you can't mess it up.

Here I am with Cooper adding to the trees. And a whole bunch of my neighbors got in on the action too! Susette was such a lovely and friendly person and I immediately connected to her. I hope she takes me up on my offer to bring her up to Guardsman's Pass and maybe give me a plein air lesson. Maybe I'll get the courage to sign up for the competition this summer.