Thursday, March 11, 2010

Remake a Vintage Glam Clutch

Vintage accessories have a charm and quality greatly lacking in newer products, but sometimes they need a little help to shine. This vintage clutch DIY makeover from Paper n Stitch is refinished with a little spit and shine and some new paint into a glamorous clutch worthy of a night out or two.

What You Need
  • Vintage clutch made from leather or vinyl
  • High bonding textile paint. Brittini suggests, but maybe you have some leftover paint hanging around in your craft boxes rather than buying new stuff.
  • A round paintbrush
  • Dry cloth

Step By Step

1. Use the paintbrush to paint on light even strokes trying to minimize the brushstrokes. Avoid the metal hardware, maybe even tape it off its tricky to avoid.

2. After applying the first layer, use the cloth to pat the wet paint into the material and help minimize the look of the brushstrokes.

3. Continue adding layers of paint and patting with the cloth to build up the paint. You may need 3-5 layers. Let dry.

And aren't Brittini's pictures fantastic!?
[via paper n stitch]