Tuesday, March 23, 2010

DIY Recycled Headbands

photo via john feito

Sometimes my hair can just get a little unruly and out of control, which is probably why my mom always wanted me to wear headbands as a little girl. I had one for ever color of the rainbow with giant floppy bows. I never liked them - they hurt my ears, but maybe I should still take her advice and get my hair out of my face. Do you need to tame your mane too? Here's a round up of DIY headbands made from upcycled stuff you probably have lying around your house right now.

This two in one DIY takes a long sleeve t-shirt, transforms it into a new different shirt and you get to make a matching t-shirt headband from the scraps. {Happy Together}

Blown bike tire tube that either you can't recycle or haven't had a chance to take to the recycling center? Cut it up, then remake it into this awesome hipster headband. {Green Upgrader}

If like me, you have bras slowly dying in your drawer, give them new life by using the bra strap to create a cute elastic headband. {The Object Project}

Old scratched LP? Not anymore, once you learn how to *carefully* melt and mold the vinyl record to your head's shape and into a very different headband. {craftbits}

Either steal a necktie from your husband/boyfriend/father/brother, or pick one up at a thrift shop and make it into a super cute, preppy meets hipster necktie headband. {threadbanger}