Friday, March 26, 2010

Abandoned Cutlery Transormed Into Art

Yesterday I spent my afternoon drawing forks and kitchen utensils, which is why these beautiful repurposed spoons appealed to me so much today. Anneke Van Bommel hunts for abandoned cutlery in thrift shops and then reworks them into these gorgeous works of art. Sure, they can't be used in the traditional sense anymore, but they might just have their purpose. The perforated spoons would be great to strain a tea bag with or stir iced tea, and the double gold spoon (after the jump) would be a perfect gift for newborn twins.

Anneke sells her spoon collection on her Etsy shop, touch the dutch. Her spoons were first shown at the 2010 Radiant Dark Exhibition, hosted by MADE Gallery. The exhibition was titled, "Assets and Values".

Anneke says about her work:
"This series explores concepts of recycling, repurposing and perceptions of value. Working with abandoned cutlery, found in vintage shops, thrift shops and yard sales, I am using the forms of these pieces as a starting point and combining them with new materials to give them new life and a second chance.

The abandoned vintage cutlery is deconstructed and re-purposed combining these materials with contemporary, "valuable" materials and creating new forms and narratives for the pieces."

[Anneke Van Bommel]
{via design*sponge}