Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Remake a Frumpy Dress Into Something Spectacular

Oh, if only I had a sewing machine... Saw this idea for an amazing remake of a frumpy sailor dress into a cocktail worthy strapless number via ReadyMade's latest issue. I think I need to go pick up an issue.

In this ReadyMade article, designer and boutique owner Kyung Lee takes a vintage sailor dress (totally frumpy), cuts it down, adds a beautiful satin ribbon, and voila! you have a super cute strapless number.

This is the exact kind of project I would want to do if I had a sewing machine - remaking something vintage to fit into today's fashion. It doesn't involve a ton of work and cuts out my least favorite part of sewing, which is cutting out all the pieces and parts. The only challenge lies in getting it to fit properly.

Anyways, check out the latest issue of ReadyMade and learn how to update a frumpy dress.

Via MNN via ReadyMade