Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Reclaimed Wood Sketchbooks

Yesterday I went through all my sketchbooks, looking back on drawings from elementary school as well as high school and college. There were a few gems mixed in, but mostly failed attempts to capture the picture I had in my head down on paper. I love sketchbooks. They hold such promise. I have far too many with blank sheets in them because I needed to get a new one. If I had a sketchbook like this though, I would do my best to fill it completely and make the drawings inside worthy of its beautiful reclaimed, handmade wood exterior.


Made by by Gary Robbins of Container Corps, Xylobooks, are incredibly heavy duty and are sure not to get torn and bent getting stuffed into your bag, although they could weigh you down a bit. Gary picks up wood scraps from a furniture factory in his local town of Portland, OR. In his words, the books "marry old-school bookbinding methods with a clean, modern aesthetic that emphasizes the tactile nature of the materials."

So not only are they made from reclaimed wood (awesome!), but each one serves as it's own desk. With a hardwood backing like this you always have a hard surface to write on. Each book is handmade and bound in Gary's Portland shop and is $45 for 128 pages. When you fill yours up, and you should, you can take it back to them, and they'll take out your old stack of paper and refill it with a new block.

Now, that's a good sketchbook.

{Xylobooks by Container City}

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