Thursday, February 18, 2010

Inspiration of the Day: Film Slides Stained Glass

Wow. This is an amazing upcycling project. If you happen to have a ton of film slides laying around from the last decade when film ruled, you could whip this stunning little project up - a stained glass window shade from film slides. Look at the color that streams in through the slides. Beautiful!

Made by Flickr User YarnZombie, the Kodachrome curtain project was quite simple:

The slides date from the 50s and early 60s, and are all from a lot of slides I got in Kansas City last fall. The majority of slides on the right panel are of horses. Go figure. Travis drilled 8 holes in the slides using a Dremel tool in a Dremel drill press thingy, and I connected them all using aluminum chainmail rings.

Wish I had made more slides from my photography when I was younger, but if like me, you don't happen to have any old slides, I'm sure they wouldn't be terribly hard to find online via ebay or scrounging around fleamarkets and thrift stores.

+ YarnZombie
[via Gizmodo via Craftzine via Make]