Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Eco-Hack: Ikea Fira Wooden Drawers

I have two sets of these Fira Wooden Box Drawers from Ikea. For months, nay years, I have been telling myself I need to dress them up and decorate them. But with what? Just paint or should I collage them with pictures? Then I saw this post over at Core77 of a collection of Ikea Hacks. There are some creative people out there. Makes me wish I had a bank of these drawers, instead of just two.

I love all these ideas for the drawers, but as you can guess, my hack has to be eco-friendly. So what are some great options for an eco-hack of these drawers? Recycled maps, newspaper, magazine pics, milk paint maybe?


Ikea is discontinuing the drawers this month, so if for some reason you need more, now is the time to get them. They are a bit of a pain to put together, but oh so handy. Now, whether or not you consider that Ikea or these drawers are green is another matter. There are definitely worse ways to go. Check out more pics of the Fira drawers at ikeahacker and this Flickr group.






[via Core77]