Friday, February 26, 2010

DIY: String Lampshade

My studio needs a lamp and I want to make it myself, so I've been noticing a lot of DIY lamps and chandeliers lately. My space isn't big enough for this really creative DIY string lamp, but I like it nonetheless. This DIY came from Kate over at Pickles and all you need are basic things, which you can probably find around your house. Kate used wallpaper paste, but you can make wheat paste yourself from your pantry and it's cheap too!


What You Need
  • One really big balloon, a round one
  • About 2 balls of yarn, which you could easily find at the thrift store 
  • Vaseline
  • Permanent marker
  • Wheat paste
  • A box to mix the yarn and paste together
  • Gloves & a stick
  • Hanging device (kate used Ikea's ricelamp hanging device)
  • Lamp kit (like from Ikea, the wire and light bulb socket)
  • CFL light bulb

Step By Step

1. Make wheat paste according to directions

2. Put balls of yarn into paste and soak completely, but don't unravel the yarn yet

3. Blow up balloon to desired size and rub with a thin layer of vaseline

4. Mark a circle on the balloon with the marker a little bit smaller than the hanging device

5. Hang the balloon, grab the end of the paste covered yarn and start whirling

"Whild pretty tightly. Start oot vertically and work more and more horizontally. Make sure it get´s even. Make sure you stick to the circle you drew on top. Tuck the loose ends under the yarn at the top, and work the circkle when you´re done so it´s all even."

6. Hang to dry, probably for up to 24 hours. When completely dry and hard, pop the balloon

7. Insert lamp and hanging device, hang and turn on!

[via Pickles]