Sunday, February 14, 2010

DIY: Denim Scrap Rug

There's like a zillion things you can do with old jeans. I just need a sewing machine to do them. What kind of DIYer am I anyhow? No sewing machine - ridiculous, I know. But, if you are the type of DIYer that uses jeans, then you'll likely have lots of scraps left over, which could be turned into a really functional and cute floor rug, like this one from Passionfly on Instructables.

Since jean material can be very thick, your standard sewing machine needs some love for this project. This works, because you're not overlapping the scraps together, but joining them at the edges. Go slow and be patient.

What You Need
  • Scraps from old jeans* - wastebands, cuffs, inseams. This example used eight waistbands, 2 1" wide hem cuffs, and eight inseams.
  • Sewing Shears
  • Sewing Machine with heavy duty needle used for leather + thread
  • Extra material or contrasting color jean for edging.

Step By Step

1. Arrange scraps in the order you want, making sure to cut off any buttons or keep out hard parts of the jean that may be uncomfortable to sit or stand on. Cut all scraps to the same length to create a rectangle.

2. Sew the strips together using a zig-zag pattern joining the two sides together, not overlapping. Keep adding onto the right side and be sure you aren't just sewing into loose jean material or it won't stay together and the material will fray.

3. Tie any loose pieces of thread and then cut the strips on the short ends to make it a perfect rectangle.

4. Start sewing on the trim strips on one of the short sides in the same fashion that you sewed the denim scraps together. When you get to a corner or need to add another piece of trim, drop the needle in the material and then sew perpendicular to join the trim edges together. Keep going until you get back to the start.

5. To finish, tie and cut and loose ends and iron on cotton or hottest setting to smooth out and make flat.

[via Passionfly on Instructables]

*Here's a great link on how to efficiently deconstruct your jeans in order to minimize waste, (also from passionfly).