Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ann Weber's Amazing Cardboard Scupltures

Cardboard is ever present in our lives. It piles up in my house constantly and I always need to run to the recycling center to drop it off. There is practically an endless supply of cardboard out there and if you're ingenious enough, you'd forever have a free source for materials. Ann Weber is that ingenious and she's currently spending the month of February at the de Young Museum in San Francisco as their Artist in Residence building amazing sculptures out of cardboard, staples and shellac. February is almost over, so get to the de Young to meet Weber and see her sculptures!

Tomorrow night (February 26th) is the closing reception and your chance to talk with Ann about her cardboard sculptures. As Artist in Residence at the M.H. de Young Memorial Museum's Kimball Education Gallery for this last month she has been working on a new set of sculptures, called the Wedding Party, all in white, which are made from used cheese cardboard boxes.

Weber draws on her experience as a potter from the 1970s to create these towering structures. She uses only a stapler, recycled cardboard and shellac to produce them and actually prefers the worn out sun stained pieces of cardboard over the newer fresher pieces. While some of the pieces are finished with fiberglass or even bronze, most of them are just cardboard and shellac. "I was drawn to the challenge of making beauty from something so common and ubiquitous as cardboard," said Weber. "I'm from the Midwest, where the saying is we can make a silk purse out of a sow's ear."

This weekend is your last chance to see her before a new artist moves in for March.

Closing Reception | Friday, February 26th | 6-8:30 pm @ the Kimball Education Gallery

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