Monday, January 11, 2010

DIY: Recycling Sweaters Into Boots

This cold snap keeps me in socks and boots pretty much all the time, and this lovely little project is the perfect antidote if you're tired of your boots or slippers. Using a sweater and recycling a pair of flats, these calf-high boots are super cute.

The tutorial by Urban Threads on Craftster is pretty clear and better explained from all the pictures, but I think it could be done a bit sturdier using than using just hot glue, so I'd recommend sewing it where possible. 

What You Need
  • An old sweater
  • An old pair of comfy flats in your size
  • At least 2 buttons
  • Glue Gun 
  • Sewing Machine + Pins (you could probably hand sew it)

Step By Step

1. Cut off the sleeves to the sweater, turn the sleeves inside out and form to foot, most notably around the ankle and pin. Make sure the cuff of the sleeve is at the top and higher than your calve. Sew up the back side, leaving the bottom open, and cut off excess.

2. Glue the bottom part of the sleeve (still inside out) to the shoe, leaving the sole exposed.

3. Turn the sleeve right side out and pull up and over shoe, and turn the cuff of the sleeve down to create boot cuff.

4. Decorate outside of cuff if desired. Creator of this tutorial embroidered the cuff. You could also add a patch, ribbon, more buttons, etc.

5. Sew button on the back part of the cuff to make the boot tight. And there's your recycled sweater boot.

Via Craftzine via Craftster