Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mitten Prepping for Winter

I'm wearing sweaters, pulling out the scarves and locating my mittens. You can never have enough mittens. No really. They're both an accessory and a necessity. I get cold easily and now realize after many years of toughing it out, that wearing mittens (or gloves) are the ticket to keeping warm and in my case not turning blue. I knit (sorta) and with the days so much shorter, I feel the urge again to cozy up on the couch knitting away with a good movie on, so here are some potential mitten patterns that look super cozy.

Hello NY Winter Accessories from Pickles
A full matching winter set of hat, gloves and scarf. Super stylie and cozy.

Warm Winter Mitts with Embroidered Stitch from Pickles
Adorable mitts, that look more challenging than I think they really are.

Lady Moss Mittens from Craft Leftovers
Sweet attention to detail on this pattern.

Subway Card Mittens by Subway Knitter
A handy way to carry your subway card and never have to take your mittens off. May also help protect against H1N1.

Recycled Sweater Mittens
If you're more of a sewer than a knitter, here's a good option to take an old sweater and transform it into a pair of mittens and a hat.

Fingerless Mittens
For those needing a more functional mitten or just half a mitten, this is a cute pattern.

And if you're looking for some eco-friendly yarn, learn more about them here, here, here and here. Look for natural fibers, wool, banana, coconut, bamboo, recycled fibers, organic cotton and more.