Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Junk Dunk Recycled Electronics Sneakers

I think these are brilliant. Clearly uncomfortable as far as shoes go considering they weigh 8-20 pounds, on the other hand, a great sculpture and an exploration into all the things we waste. Created by junk-metal artist Gabriel Dishaw, these shoe replicas are made entirely from scrap metal parts, old electronics, computers and held together with wire and glue. The intricate details, the colors and the patterns that can be created from waste are fascinating.

“I begin each sculpture with an idea of how can I take these found pieces of useless metal and insignificant objects and create something that everyone can understand and relate to,” Dishaw says. “I find myself looking at ordinary mechanical items to see how I could turn that something, into something else not originally intended for that use.” You can read more about them over at Ecouterre.

[via Ecouterre]