Wednesday, November 18, 2009

About Bridgette Meinhold

Bridgette is an artist and freelance writer based in Park City, UT. She lives in a small A-frame cabin in an aspen grove with her husband and dog. From her front porch she has access to backcountry skiing, biking, hiking and a whole world of inspiration. When she is not creating art or dreaming about it, she has written about green design, architecture and sustainability for Inhabitat, Inhabitots, and Ecouterre. She is currently the Architecture Editor for Inhabitat and has been an online contributor for eVolo and LowImpactLiving. Her main interests in architecture are in the fields of shipping containers, prefab, emergency shelters and temporary and affordable housing.

Bridgette would describe her art as an attempt to express the beauty and intrigue of the world. She is fascinated by textures and up close intimate views of things, but dreams of being able to capture the essence of expansive views and landscapes. She prefers to work in oil and encaustic as well as traditional pencil and paper. With enough time and space, she hopes to start working with wood block prints.

Bridgette has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from San Diego State University and a MS in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Stanford University. Since completion of her graduate studies, Bridgette has worked as a consultant helping companies work towards greater sustainability in their business practices as well as the expansion of wind energy. She continues her consulting and freelance writing along with the development of her artistry.

Her artwork can be seen in person at Gallery Mar on Main Street in Park City, UT. Some of her other work is also sold through my Etsy Shop, etté studios. All of her articles on green design and architecture can be read on Inhabitat.