Monday, September 21, 2009

Outdoor Rock Fire

We just had a part on Saturday to celebrate the end of Summer, start of fall and to catch up with old friends. We had a raging bonfire in our outdoor fire pit, but I really wish we had a smaller cozier fire with less smoke to stand around. I love this idea for a small fire - it's attractive, contained, not smoky and it uses a biodegradable fuel can called EcoFuel, which seems like an eco-friendly version of sterno cans. I'm still doing my research on the little canisters, but they claim longer lasting fuel source, low emissions, safe and warmer than the ones people have been using for chafing dishes.

The original idea came from green prefab goddess, Michelle Kaufman, who says that wood burning devices emit particulate at the rate of 20 to 60 grams per hour of operation, which can be unhealthy, especially for those with sensitive lungs.

What You Need

  • 2-3 cans of EcoFuel (about $4 each)
  • Metal canister, box, or even ceramic planter.
  • River rocks, other stones, recycled glass, anything you like as long as it can't burn or melt (enough to fill the box)
Step by Step

  1. Fill up the container almost to the top with rocks
  2. Place the EcoFuel canisters level inside the rocks
  3. Place more rocks around the canisters without covering them.
  4. Light the fires according to their instructions and enjoy the warmth.
You can also watch the video of Michelle Kaufman here.

[via Michelle Kaufman's Blog]