Thursday, September 3, 2009

Needle Felting - Who Knew?

I may actually be a textile artist at heart, because when I see beautiful and simple creations like this out of wool, I admit to swooning just a little. Yesterday I had to kill some time waiting while my computer went into the shop, I bought the September issue of Martha Stewart Living. It was a so-so issue, until I reached the article on Needle Felting. Wow, that's beautiful stuff - warm, soft, organic and it looks oh so easy to do. Look on for more pictures.

Needle Felting is the process of taking fluffy wool and poking it hundreds of time into a material (usually felted wool) to create and sculpt a shape. You can use yarn, pieces of felted wool, and even fibers. There's no glue, no toxins, no sewing - just a needle poking into the fibers which interlocks them like velcro.

Unfortunately the directions for how to needle felt aren't on Martha Stewart's site yet, but the September issue has a beautiful article on how to do it. There are also lots of good how tos elsewhere on the internetz - here, here and here.

Martha does have a great tutorial though for how to create this adorable little clutch.
photos via Martha Stewart