Sunday, August 23, 2009

Etched Altoid Tins

I love it when fabulous art meets reused materials. Altoid tins are incredibly practical and useful little boxes - they stay closed well and are a great size for small items. The cover of the altoid tin leave something to be desired, but once you get rid of the paint on top, it leaves a beautiful surface to decorate and an etching seems like the perfect medium for the job.
These amazing etched altoid tins are done by Laurence Crunch. Some of the designs are his originals, but most are copied from others illustrations and etched on. I don't claim to know much about etching, how challenging it is or how toxic it really is, but I do love the effect. There do seem to some more advanced techniques that are less toxic.

[via Dude Craft & The Steampunk Workshop]