Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Stationary Tool Belt

I have a couple of vices - hot showers, my 4Runner, and magazines. I love reading magazines, and I bemoan the loss of such greats like Domino and Plenty. So I bought a new magazine this weekend in hopes that I could find a new one to cherish - Fresh Home, a DIY magazine for the home published by The Reader's Digest Association. So far so good, interesting projects - sewing, wood work, practical home remodel, decorating. It's certainly no Domino or Readymade, nor is there any specific eco spin to it, but there were articles related to energy efficiency, lawn care, gardening. But I did find one really neat idea - this recycled leather belt turned tool holder. Simple enough and should cost you 5 bucks or less.

What You Need

  • Leather belt from thrift store (should cost less than $5, if not you're spending too much)
  • Screws + Finish Washers (count how many holders you want then add one)
  • Wall or board to hang tool belt
  • Power screw driver
  • Tools you want to hang

Step By Step

  1. Cut off belt buckle with utility knife or scissors if you don't want the buckle hanging about.
  2. Find wall or board to attach the tool belt too.
  3. Lay out all your tools on the counter in the order you want to mount them. This way you can determine the width for each specific tool. Alternatively you can make the holder spots uniform
  4. Start on one end of the belt and drill in the screw and the finish washer to hold the belt to the wall.
  5. Pucker the belt into a half loop the width you want it and then screw in another screw and finish washer.
  6. Continue down the length of the belt until the end.
  7. Insert your tools into the Stationary Tool Belt

[via Fresh Home Magazine]
Sorry for the poor picture quality. That's what you get when you scan in a picture from a glossy mag.