Friday, July 31, 2009

Photo Puzzle Blocks

This is super cute way to showcase some of your favorite photos as well as reuse old children's play blocks. Give it away as a gift or showcase it on your coffee table for someone to play with.

What You Need
  • 16 wooden blocks found at a thrift or antique store or maybe even your own toy chest

  • Ruler
  • Digital image with at least 300 ppi resolution cropped square
  • Matte photo paper
  • X-acto knife and cutting mat
  • Glue, rubber cement, or Mod Podge
  • Small paintbrush

Step by Step

Step 1: Arrange 16 blocks in a square and measure the length and width of the square.

Step 2:
Choose a square format image and resize it to match the length and width of your blocks (in this example it was 7″ x 7″)

Step 3: Print the image on matte photo paper and let it dry. When dry, use a ruler and x-acto knife to trim it to size.

Step 4: Use a small paintbrush to spread glue on the back of the image.

Step 5:
Arrange the blocks in a square on top of the print. Position them so they’re lined up neatly as close together as possible. Let rest until the glue is completely dry.

Step 6: Once the glue’s dry, turn the square of blocks right side up. Use a ruler as a guide to cut the blocks apart. Cut as neatly as you can along the line between the blocks.

Step 7: Repeat on as many sides as you like (up to 6 pictures) and enjoy.

[via Photojojo]